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    Anyone know how to direct a domain to point to a VPS on vpslatch ?

    I have my domain at moniker.


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    If this is a VPS with no nameservers set, most likely you would do something like this:

    1) Go to Moniker and edit the DNS section
    2) Point your DNS A/CNAME/MX and TXT records to your IP at VPSLatch

    If you already have nameservers setup, you would just need to set Moniker to use your nameservers.

    This is pretty basic so VPSLatch should be able to answer these questions for you.
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    Were you provided with nameservers to the VPS that you speak of? If so, then just update them at your registrar and allow some time for propagation.

    If you simply want to point an A record to the VPS then you would simply update the zone record where ever the DNS for the domain is located to point to the IP of the VPS.
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    If you give us your vps IP I will open a ticket for you and send you the relevant info. However the above posts are good general directions.

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