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    How can I add this column to my Mysql DB?

    Hello again all,

    I have a quick question . Now I have to CSV files, I imported one in to make a database. The other CSV has a matching ID but an extra column that I would like to add onto the other DB, matching the IDs.

    Any idea how I can do this?

    Thanx in advance...

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    phpmyadmin is your friend. It has a nice web gui so you can just modify the table by adding the column you need. It should be standard with your web hosting control panel, most likely cPanel.
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    Mysql Workbench is a desktop based GUI program for working with mysql databases if phpmyadmin is not included with your web host although it might not work as some hosts might restrict mysql login to localhost.

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    I have phpmyadmin - I can add the column but how do I make the entries sync with their User IDs ? (both tables have the User_Id attached)

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