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Thread: Need Text Logo

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    Need Text Logo

    I need a text logo designed, and a font identified. I have a good quality picture of a sign that was designed for my company. Naturally, I need to convert it for a website, but I'm not sure which font they used. Ideally, the logo will match what it looks like on the sign, but it's fine if the font varies a little.

    Please PM me with any offers. Need this ASAP (24 hours).


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    I am able to take on the job right away.

    I was unable to send a PM new to WHT.

    1-877-223-2189 (TOLL FREE NUMBER CANADA & USA)

    Best Regards

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    If you can't send me an PM, you can email me:

    ma$r$k22$e @ GMAIL

    Take out all of the $ signs.


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    Waiting for reply..
    Penguin Websoft
    Visit Us at:

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    I Can

    If this still open pm me.

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    Can I help you?
    Email sent.
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