is now offering Xen VPS's starting at just $9.99 / mo rather than our previous price of $19.99 / mo. For those of you looking for a rock solid VPS at a great price, there has never been a better time to try out the IOFLOOD experience!

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Why Choose I/O Flood?

  • I/O Flood is run by real systems administrators. We love servers, and we love bandwidth. As such, our Servers and VPS's are intended for serious, high usage customers. Let our experts optimize your server for maximum performance.

  • Managed service available. Our managed services are simple: ask us for help, we'll help you. We'd be happy to optimize apache and mysql, fix email and dns issues, migrate your data, or whatever is needed to keep your server up and running.

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not happy, let us know, and we'll give you a full refund, no hassles, no catch.

  • No resellers, no middlemen, no nonsense. We own our own servers and run our own network, and wouldn't have it any other way.

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__What are customers like you saying about I/O FLOOD?

Our feedback speaks for itself:

Gabriel provided me with some excellent service without even being a customer of his. For this, I was very greatful. In being online for over 11 years, I have not come across service like this, especially when everyone is trying to make a quick buck.

Support is where ioflood really shines. Iíve initiated three or four tickets. Every ticket was answered and resolved within minutes. I had one ticket because of a fatal error of memory size on wordpress sites. Gabe offered to fix it himself or guide me through the process. I elected to do it myself based on his troubleshooting of the issue. His instructions were great, and the problem was quickly solved. It is such a relief to have capable professionals taking care of my sites.

A big +1 for I moved from dedicated to a custom VPS plan, and the performance of my sites actually increased. Gabe ... is relentless in customer service & hand holding if needed. My initial email contact with him spanned over 80 messages back & forth. On top of it all, I don't think the guy sleeps. Email/ticket responses are fast no matter what time of the day.

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Base Specs / Prices:


512MB Dedicated Ram
25 GB Raid 10 disk space
500gb / mo b/w (on 10mbps port)
1 CPU Core burstable (25% utilization average allowed)

Only $9.99 / mo.

To configure your custom VPS click

1 IP address included, $1 each additional. More than 4 ips per VPS requires prior approval.

Upgrades available:

  • 1GB Ram: $5 / mo
  • 2GB Ram: $15 / mo
  • 4GB Ram: $30 / mo

  • 1,000gb / mo outbound (unmetered inbound), 100mbps port -- $5 / mo
  • 3,000gb / mo outbound (unmetered inbound), 100mbps port -- $15 / mo
  • 10,000gb / mo outbound (unmetered inbound), 100mbps port -- $40 / mo

  • 10mbps unmetered -- $5 / mo
  • 50mbps unmetered -- $40 / mo
  • 100mbps unmetered -- $80 / mo

CPU / Processor

  • 1 CPU Core (100% average utilization allowed) -- $5 / mo
  • 2 CPU Cores (100% of 1 Core average utilization allowed) -- $15 / mo

Service / Support:
  • Fully Managed VPS: $15 / mo

Control Panel:
  • Webmin / Usermin: FREE
  • Cpanel VPS: $15 /mo

Operating Systems:
  • Centos 5.6 64 bit: FREE
  • Centos 5.6 32 bit: FREE
  • Ubuntu 10.4 64 bit: FREE
  • Ubuntu 10.4 32 bit: FREE

SSD Space
  • 2GB SSD Space: $5.99 / mo
  • 4GB SSD Space: $9.99 / mo

R1Soft Backups

  • R1Soft License + 100Gb backup space -- $21.99 / mo
  • R1Soft License + 250Gb backup space -- $29.99 / mo
  • R1Soft License + 500Gb backup space -- $39.99 / mo

Configure and order your server here:

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Servers are located in the state of the art PhoenixNap facility in Phoenix, AZ.

To order simply visit

Or contact me directly:

Gabriel Ramuglia
email: gabe [at]
skype: funkywizard
phone: 702-482-8064


We often have other servers, VPS's, and colocation available, see our previous sales threads (search for IOFLOOD). If you need anything custom, we'd be happy to quote you for it!