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    My own Site Search is being flooded by bot searches or something

    Does anybody know how to stop this and why they do it?
    I check my site search logs (nextopia is who we use for search) and it is flooded by thousands of searches for random products by a few different ip addressses. I block the ip addresses but new ones just show up the next day. How can i stop it, and what do they do it for

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    Read up on robots.txt files, but I don't think these are search engines. I've never seen such a thing before. You might check into adding some type of anti-bot measure to your search box, like a captcha code.

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    Remove the search option / box for some time and see if things improve.

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    I would definately add a captcha code to any search or form on your site to stop most of this from ever happening. Beyond that is there any pattern to the IPs? Are they from the same group all the time? You block one IP and is it another from same Class that starts up? You can also try blocking the whole Class or a larger group of IPs until this passes.

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    you can disable it temporarily to see if it's the problem, you can put it back later.

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    Some losers try to scrape pages from a site by exploiting site search.

    Removing the box for a while and then using captcha is the only viable option.

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    I would try CloudFlare if I were you. They block these threats, which could save you some server resources.
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    It is not easy but i suggest you to track the Ip address.

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    Adding a captcha function will definitely help as well as removing the search function for a period of time.

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