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    Want to get good host?

    I wanna run a gaming site and some casino sites.
    Please help me to know which host would be better for my sites?


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    There is little help you can get without at least approximately telling how much space and bandwidth you would need!

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    And your location, and budget would be a good start.

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    How many visitors are you expecting and how much space you need

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    Casino sites have a hard time these days...
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    JustHost cheap and fast! I'm in using it!

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    I believe you need a vps, gaming/casino websites always use a lot of space/bandwidth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevincamp View Post
    I wanna run a gaming site and some casino sites.
    Please help me to know which host would be better for my sites?

    You won't get much help or recommendation if there isn't sufficient information. Be specific on the space, bandwidth, budget, location of the server and etc. All those information is important for us to determine suitable provider for you OR you may search in the Shared Hosting thread.

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    For a gaming/casino site I would really recommend a VPS to start with. Many gaming and casino scripts use a considerable amount of bandwidth. Also, a VPS will give you some room to grow, unlike shared hosting. You'd also have root access with a VPS to install any custom PHP add-on's that your scripts may need. - Specializing In Dedicated Servers and Financial Hosting
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    There are many sites who providing hosting services to the gaming sites, its on your own to find the better one for you according to your need but one thing keep in mind that,
    Are they provide good customer care and 24/7 technical supports.

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    I strongly recommend you go for a vps or dedicated server. Casino affiliate sites have great potential and you can make good money if you could hit top ten position for big keywords. Server speed is the first thing that you should consider.

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    Not sure on the Casino side of the house but a shared plan will normally work just fine for a gaming site. The Casino side though, you may be better off with a VPS.

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    While we're discussing hot, he might be in sweet dream at the moment, just wondering

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    My advice his "Do not look for a host that offers good/best and at the same time very cheap hosting. You'll just end up with a headache.

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    Those are new gaming/casinos websites or you are moving them from other location?
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    You would need a VPS for sure. We've dealt with such types of sites they do not do well on shared hosting even remotely.
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