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    I rent two dedicated servers from them for about six months.
    Bandwidth is very good and servers are stable and reliable.
    Mail assistance is quite fast: they always answered within 12-24h
    The thing that I more appreciated is VALUE FOR MONEY
    Their prices are really affordable: I think it's impossible to find a similar service in Europe at the same price and plus they protect your privacy too!
    Servers are equipped with kvm and are located in best sweden's datacenters.
    VAT is only 19% (instead of 25%), there aren't setup fees and when I left them they refunded me the weeks that I paid in advance.

    If you have any question just ask
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    Awesome, it's glad your enjoying them!

    If you could please report an IP from your server, using this form, it will help the administration of this forum verify the review:


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    I sent the ip to the forum administrator

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