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    66 Web Hosting review [10/10]

    Hey guys after being with Ariotek for more than 2 months now i thought it was ample time to write a review. Overall i have found the experience to be a pleasure.

    I would like to start by talking about the uptime, I have Pingdom installed on my site to monitor the uptime and i must say it has been absolutely flawless in terms of uptime and speed.

    The support staff are fantastic and constantly go out there way to help there customers in any way possible. On several occasions the staff have went beyond their duties to help me fixing php scripts and websites.

    Ariotek provide an freephone number and a web based support ticket system and it always amazes me how swiftly they reply even out width office hours.

    So overall i would have to give them 10 out of 10 for there amazing commitment to there customers ,minimal downtime and fast speeds.

    Regards Ross

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    Nice to hear satisfied customer. However, I would like to know more:
    -what site do you host with them?
    -why did you chose them?
    -what problems did you have with them (since you adressed support) and how fast did they respond? i mean, did it take 20 minutes or 2 hours to respond?

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    Please report the domain you have with them, in order to verify the review, here:

    I hope you continue having great service with them!

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