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    Question rDNS and SPF for less spammy php mail

    As I explored, the main reasons for rejection of emails sent by php mail() by most receipt servers are the lack of appropriate rDNS and SPF.

    1. My DNS is setup externally by Godaddy. I added SPF record through its DNS wizard. Do I need to setup OpenSPF on my Postfix in my VPS? Or it is merely a DNS issue?

    2. Should rDNS be pointed to the main domain or it is enough to be pointed to a subdomain of the main domain?

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    2) It should be pointed to the maindomain. Domain must be hosted on the same IP as the php mail() script.

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    DKIM is also a big factor.

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    rDNS should be pointed to whatever is configured as the server's hostname.
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