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    Is there a LNMP all-in-one installation script/guide?

    I am moving from shared hosting.

    I bought a VPS from Linode, and made a CentOS distribution. I am wondering if there is a LNMP all-in-one installation package/script, to start with, helps me save alot of time.

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    Check this tutorial out,

    The scrip's official site is, but it's in Mandarin.

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    head to

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    I also recommend the script, it's working good
    There are no problems on installation with translated page: ★ Budget VPS Stock List & Comparison Table!

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    If you're willing to switch to a Debian based distro, has a nice script, it'll even automate a WordPress install whilst you're at it | Enterprise Grade Hosting in London and Singapore

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    I used the script here

    It is a two step process which i find it much easier to setup compare to Centmin. I *think* the two are very similar. Please correct me if i am wrong though.

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    anyone know how to run mysqltuner or tuning primer on lnpmp based

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    Quote Originally Posted by popism View Post
    anyone know how to run mysqltuner or tuning primer on lnpmp based
    Just install it in shell. (Unless I'm missing something.)
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    i always got this error msg:
    Unable to find mysqladmin in your $PATH. Is MySQL installed?

    even tried to modified mysqltuner and change this line :

    my $command = 'which mysqladmin';
    my $command = 'which /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin';
    but still not work.

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