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    How to use adsense for feed?

    There is some option in google adsense account for using google ads means adsense for search, adsense for domain, adsense for feed. I don't know how to use adsense for feed.
    Looking for expert advice.

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    You can try it if you want. The directions are already there. As far as I know, it's also like the other type of Ads.

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    Yes, there is process given to place adsense for feed ads. I followed that but these ads are not working on my blogs.

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    I suggest you to visit google support page all needed information is given there

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    You mean showing adsense blocks right in your feed?

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    it's something related to programming. I also like to know

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    I have heard that some feed readers like feedburner provide absence in feeds of blogs, but never used it till now.

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    Google is providing services adsense for feeds, all information about it is given in google help

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    if you have lots traffic and lots subscribers then put ads on feed you will earn high income for more info google it you will find the complete information about feed

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    Quote Originally Posted by nancysmith View Post
    I don't know how to use adsense for feed.

    1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
    2. On the AdSense Setup tab, choose AdSense for feeds as the product.
    3. Your feed unit will be automatically named and properly sized for your feed.
    4. Set your your ad type, frequency, post length, position, and colors. See tips for these settings.
    5. Add a channel, and mark it targetable by advertisers. We recommend this to increase visibility of your ad space.
    6. Choose a feed (or feeds) in which you want feed ads to be displayed.
    - If you've used feeds in the past, choose one from your list of active feeds that don't already have a feed unit.
    - If this is your first time setting up feeds with AdSense or FeedBurner, you'll need to burn a new feed first. Click the burn a new feed link, then enter your blog or feed URL. Some platforms may present you with a choice of feeds to use as the source; usually picking the Atom feed will work. After providing this information you'll be given a new URL for your feed which you should promote or redirect to in order to make sure all subscribers are seeing your enhanced feed.
    7. Save your changes, and start using your Google-powered feed, which will start displaying ads very soon.

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    thanks for the tips..

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    For feeds also Google is providing the adsense service and the guidelines for this are given there only.

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    Just check Adsense for feed, all the details you would find there..

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    It works by prividing a new link to your RSS with the ads in it. Instead of linking to the RSS from your website, you would instead link to the feed from AdSense (which is setup to use your original RSS link).

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    The feeds have to be moved from your current Feedburner account to a Feedburner account associated with the same Google account as your AdSense account.

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    i worked a lot on feeds but i think it is useless

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