This is a limited offer, only 8 available, strict limit of 1 per customer. New customers only.

$99 Enterprise Mini, Brand New Enterprise Hardware
  • Sandybridge Xeon E3-1230 (Quad Core, 8 threads, 3.6Ghz Turbo)
  • 2x 500GB Enterprise SATA (WD RE4) Hotswap (upgrade to SAS or SSD for the exact cost of the drives)
  • Hardware RAID 0,1 (no downtime for a drive failure with RAID 1)
  • Integrated IPMI/KVM (full remote control, reboot, reload OS, etc)
  • 100mbit Dedicated Unmetered Bandwidth (max out the port 24/7 no problem!), or 20TB on gig port.
  • VLAN, 1 IP standard, 5 available at no charge with justification.
  • Dallas, TX SAS 70 datacenter (email for test file, we're only 0.5ms to 1ms from Softlayer)

$99/month, $499 setup
$219/month, $0 setup

Not convinced? Try it for 1 month at $219/month $0 setup, then pay the $499 setup fee if you're thrilled, as we know you will be, to reduce your future monthly billings to $99.

Massive Savings
Effective rate over 12 months: $99 * 12 + $499 setup = $1,687 = $140.58/month
Effective rate over 24 months: $99 * 24 + $499 setup = $2,875 = $119.79/month
Effective rate over 36 months: $99 * 36 + $499 setup = $4,063 = $112.86/month

Most companies charge $50 just for hardware RAID, or $199 just for 100mbit dedicated bandwidth (without the server)! This is a one time special offer.

Management + cPanel/WHM + Monitoring + Backup $100/month
  • Server setup & optimization
  • 24/7 monitoring & response: load, http, mysql, RAID health, etc.
  • cPanel/WHM included free of charge
  • 24/7 response to high priority tickets, 9AM-9PM M-F response to regular tickets. Out of hours works can be scheduled, e.g. if you want us to upgrade Apache at 3AM we can do that.
  • 100GB Remote RAID Protected Backup Space, Fully Managed

A lot of our customers that start out with just one server end up buying more servers from us, or referring other customers to us. Advertising is expensive (approx $600 per new customer), instead of giving that $600 to Google we're effectively giving you a $600 discount in a bid to grow our business.

Why the large setup fee?
It attracts the type of clients that we want to deal with; financially sound clients who know what their dedicated server needs are. Clients constantly cancelling and reordering servers costs us time and money. We want to serve you for many years to come.

Incero LLC?
  • Real office location in Austin, TX
  • Experienced owners
  • Financially sound company, privately owned, no outside debt
  • We own our equipment, we are not resellers. We have spent over $71,000 on new hardware in 2011 alone

e: [email protected]
p: 512.394.8803
AIM/ICQ/Skype: InceroLLC

Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to serving you.