EdgeVPS was started in 2011 with the idea to provide the best for our users, we have always been striving to get the best for our users even if that means taking losses for months. We think the main thing is to make our customers happy.


For Trials Open Live Chat

Minecraft Server Setup Locations:
France and USA, we are working on expanding both to a very high amount, we currently have a lot more space in USA then France though.

So what is our hardware?
We currently have 3 Nodes, one with 32GB of ram and one with 16GB of ram, and one with 8gb of ram in france, both with 100Mb/s - 1Gb/s Ports. These nodes use amazing raid systems, and our housed in datacenters not someones basement.

We are expecting at least a 32 or 16gb within the next 30 days, we also have a 16gb ready for deployment when needed.

What are the prices?
We currently charge $1 per slot, and start at 5 slots, the reason we do not list ram is because if you are having a ram issue we would like to solve it without charging you more, as that is why we think guaranteeing slots is better.

Why should I trust you?
We use servers with RAID 1 or RAID 10, we also provide 1 backup, FTP Access, Console Access, Multicraft Control Panel, Instant Setup, 7 Day Money Back.

Can I use Craftbukkit?
Yes, it is a option in our control panel.

Why should I use you over another Multicraft provider?
We have paid for many customizations that allow you to instantly get FTP, Craftbukkit support, and more information on FTP login.

How long is setup on your servers?
The same amount of time it takes to generate a world.

Where can I order / view plans?

Please note we do offer custom plans, open a ticket or live support.