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    HostVelocity out of business?

    It seems like HostVelocity is out of business? I remember they were on the Inc500 and doing well.

    What other hosts have failed that were becoming successful?

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    According to search results, clients have been complaining about this since early 2000 and late 2001. I am sure others will provide information but from my experience most successful companies are either still in business or have been acquired by larger entities.
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    That name sounds familiar, but cant really find any information about them in google, how long ago did they go out of business and how long were they in business for?
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    I think you're referring to HiVelocity.

    They're still in business.

    Inc500 is a terrible metric for success though. They simply look at your revenue gains, which can be easily skewed. I've worked for a business that was in the top 100 before, that failed just a few years later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IGobyTerry View Post
    I think you're referring to HiVelocity.

    They're still in business.
    Hivelocity is definitely still in business and we are thriving. 2010 was our best year on record and May 2011 was our best new sales month on record. As a matter of fact we just opened a brand new data center earlier this year.
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    Can't believe I kept thinking HostVelocity, Yes, I meant hivelocity, guess that is why the site was down totally different company . Hivelocity appears to still be up too now that I have the name right.

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    Hm, I believe there may have been a HostVelocity a long time ago but I'm not sure when it shut down.

    I'd still assume you meant Hivelocity.

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    I remember a lot of such hosts which went down.. they were booming big but could not carry out their good work...

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