Hello everyone!

My name is Brian Schroeter, and I am a US based web developer open for additional work! Please advise if you have any questions regarding any of my services via PM or sending an email to [email protected].

Average Turnaround Times (At time of post):
At this time, all services are taking approximately 1-2 days to complete. If your project is more extensive than the latest projects (those being PSD to Wordpress / Joomla), then I will quote you before we begin.


Services Offered


PSD to XHTML / CSS (Hand Writen Code) :
Homepage - $50-60
Subpage - $20-40


XHTML to Wordpress : Starting at $75.00

XHTML to Joomla : Starting at $100.00

XHTML to Drupal : Starting at $100.00

XHTML to Magento : Starting at $100.00


PSD to Wordpress : Starting at $125.00

PSD to Joomla : Starting at $150.00

PSD to Drupal : Starting at $150.00

PSD to Magento : Starting at $150.00


No deposit required for services under $150.00. - If the balance due is above $150.00, we can discuss it but typically a deposit of 50% is due up front.


Experience: I have several years experience in XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and ASP. I currently work for several web design companies, in particular, LegitDesigns.com. As an experienced web developer, I am capable of providing a fast service along with the clean code that you're after, without paying top dollar!


Examples of latest coding work -

http://boxselect.com/ (Splash Page)
http://happymurph.com/ (Wordpress Integration)
http://www.instavps.com/ (Sub-pages only)


Contact Information -

Private Message (preferred method)
Email (preferred method): [email protected]
AIM: Bahawolf
MSN: [email protected]
SKYPE: Bahawolf

If you wish to speak on a messenger, *please* advise me of such in an email, PM, or reply here.

Thank you,
Brian Schroeter