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    Help! All my domains are down!

    I have several sites hosted on a VPS using kloxo as the admin panel and earlier today, all of my sites went down, except for the one which is the domain used to host the nameservers.

    It turns out this domain expired yesterday (leading me to believe this has to be the cause) in godaddy which I promptly renewed but the strange thing is that this site never went down at all, even though it was a day past expiration; the only sites that went down were all of the other sites hosted on a VPS independent of godaddy under the ns1.[expiredgodaddydomain].com and ns2.[expiredgodaddydomain].com nameservers.

    THe VPS appears to be working fine, but the sites are all still down; all dns settings inside of the VPS are still set and untouched and i can only assume this conflict is related to the domain expiring.

    I may just have to wait it out for the dns records update, but can anyone shed some light on why this scenario would occur? Some emails that were sent to the expired domain hosted at google apps bounced today as well.
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    Hi. As I understand it, your domain name that was hosting your nameservers expired, yes? If that is the case, all of your sites will go down without doubt.

    I would imagine GoDaddy would lose all of the previous DNS entries, so you'll have to re-add your nameservers and wait for those to propagate before your sites will return back online.

    Perhaps be more careful with your domains from now on! lol
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