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    RSS, back to basics

    In an attempt to update my site with current standards, I need to implement RSS feeds. Am I correct with the following processes:

    1. Get some software that generates RSS feeds (XML)
    2. Publish my .xml file somewhere (
    3. Add that URL to feedburner
    4. Edit the atom.xml file everytime I make a change to the site

    I haven't kept up with all the webdesign stuff lately, so in an attempt to "get with it" I am looking for some guidance.

    One question,

    How do I setup my RSS feeds so that someone can add my domain to an RSS reader, and the reader will automatically pull my feed?

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    3. Add that URL to feedburner as well as submit it in Google Webmaster tool.

    Visit these site to get step by step guidance to learn the process of setup RSS feeds.
    2. Set Up an RSS

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    You can easily do that with Wordpress platform. There's a paid plugin called Web Traffic Genius for that one. And it really works. You can try that one if you're with Wordpress.

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