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    PHP Curl and Fake Domain Names??

    Is it possible to fake a domain name using curl and PHP??

    Let me explain what I'm after, and what I don't understand yet.

    All domain names resolve to an IP lets say resolves. for the sake of simplicity. Now when the request for a file get to the server at How does it know it from and more importantly if the server is given a domain name of convenience, is it possible using curl in PHP to trick the server into giving you files for, when infact you've gone straight to the IP because the domain isn't in any external DNS servers?

    Think I've explained that right :-)

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    When you send a request to a server, you are required to send the "Host" field.
    That's how the server knows which domain you are trying to access.
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    That's brilliant thanks, I'm off to have a play with curl.

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