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    Hello WHT users,

    Im just wondering i was planning on launching my hosting company this month but i've now delayed it till september to ensure everything is 100% + i'll have more time to finalise everything

    I was just wondering the last hosting company i worked with they sent out a weekly staff email to each level off staff; Managers had their own and then staff had their own this just stated what the budget for the week was how they were doing on sales response times ect...

    just wondering what other hosting companies do this?
    Im looking to get these done also to create an employee handbook which can be refered to. Im only going to be hiring online employees for the time being so just wondered would it be worth it


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    Hi Ashley,

    If it makes sense for your business (or business model) then go ahead and give it a go! All businesses are created and managed differently and you need to find what works best for you. A company with 0 or 1 employee will need to be managed much differently than a company with 10 or 50 employees.

    Hope that helps a bit

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    I agree with phpcoder. It's all depends on how you manage your own business. If you think that 'weekly staff email' method works great for you, then just go a head
    When I worked with a hosting company few years ago, all staffs also got those emails/updates from the managers/CEO and managements (but monthly emails/updates) - so everyone knew what's going on and what to do.
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