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    A web host called has provided free reseller service for 2 months, since then they have not generated any invoices and I thought I was paying a subscription to them, for years this has been going on and I have not even realised the subscription was not active. So they have provided me reseller service for years without even realising no invoices being generated, now recently they have found out and have decided to suspend and then terminate my accounts and associated domains without prior notice.

    Who ever fault it was I do not care about this, I have working on projects for months and I have much important data. They said they can recover my accounts but will not because I have not got an invoice for them.

    "You used the service but you were not paying for it, if your reseller hosting was important you would keep track of what you have paid for.

    We suspended the accounts because we could not find the invoices, the first thing you should have done when the accounts were suspended was to call up sales to renew.

    If you cannot provide a recent invoice then why should we provide any further service? If you can provide your last invoice I will get the backups for you."
    So data is important to me but they won't give it back unless I provide invoice. "(WHAT DAMN INVOICE") ?

    Nothing no one can do but I need urgent advise please...
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    I am not taking sides but their appears to be more to this story, I,ll wait for UK2 to chip-in before commenting any futher!
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    We're not their helpdesk, contact them directly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdie View Post
    We're not their helpdesk, contact them directly.
    Very true this is the kind of issue that is best worked out with your host directly. WHT is not a "helpdesk" for specific provider support.
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