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Thread: File Backups

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    File Backups

    Hi! This is my first time to back up my files just to make sure that I still have my files when some problem occur and I don't know if I did the right thing.

    What I did:
    1) Go to Backups on the Files section
    2) I clicked the "Download or Generate a Full Website Backup"
    3) I already have a zipped file here and an email saying that the full backup has completed

    My question is, is that right?
    Have all my files on my website been copied?

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    Correct, Now just click the zip file and download it to your local machine.

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    You did it right, just make sure you get that backup now on your own computer.
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    Also the file will be in your home directory so you will want to download it from there or delete it eventually (if you don't want it to take up space and already have it downloaded).

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    yes it's right. however you may also get the database backup as well if you have any.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lincxu View Post
    yes it's right. however you may also get the database backup as well if you have any.
    The Full Site Backup in cPanel includes the databases.

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    I already have it on my laptop.. I might purchase a new account so i want to make sure everything will be on the right place. And i dont want to ask help with anyone coz i want to do it on my own and to learn from it too.

    Thanks for the responses.

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    You can test out on your local before uploading to a new space.. that will make sure everything is working right.

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