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    Offshore company with Ecommerce in Adult business

    Hi Guys

    I need to start up my own business. But i have no experience in E commerce and Offshore business. I have few questions?

    1) What websites are best reliable offshore company providers with banking facilities?

    2) Where i have to pay my taxes in Ecommerce , the hosting country or where my business located ? eg :- Hosted at UK and the company is at Pannama

    3)who's the best Adult hosting providers, Dedicated Unmeterd Managed servers outside of USA

    4) Whats the best law firms for Adult Entertainment regarding record-keeping and documentation on Ecommerce.

    5) what jurisdiction I have to work with If my company is in PANAMA and hosted in UK in E Commerce.

    6) Are there any record keeping companies I can work with?

    Thank you For your time
    Really appreciate it.
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    2) the country where your business is registered
    3) i would suggest to google something like 'top 10 adult hosting companies'

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    I believe that any offshore web host can be good for running adult web sites.. be sure they can be good for ecommerce service and if they support magento commerce software - it can be reasonable for running e-shops or e-stores online.

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    For hosting, it won't matter since there's a lot of good adult hosts doing a Google search. Taxes matter only where the money lands, you pay it where you get it.

    For processing the credit car orders, it really depends on the content. Some banks will underwrite some kinds of content but not others. Where to go with it depends on the theme and content.

    First decide on the site and content provider, then go with hosting (usually the content provider will also give hosting) and finally go for a merchant account provider who will underwrite an account based on it.

    Before going for processing they'll need a URL and finished web site. They will need a username and password just as the customer would see it. Also if it's one time sales or a monthly recurring will make a big difference in where to go to. It's important to decide on the content first, then go from there.
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