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    cheapest host for a static website

    So its been a couple of years since I've had anything "hosting related" done. A friend of mine is looking to host his static company website. It will consist of multiple html pages and a php contact form.

    I am looking for a cheap host ($2 - $3 max per month) that will give me 50 or more email accounts.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

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    You might want to take a look in the offer section, but I guess most host will fit your needs
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    Do you want Windows or Linux hosting?

    For this kind of site you can find a good host from $1 per month.
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    I don't really care whether its windows or linux. Its static and only requires php and i am sure the linux one would be cheaper.

    Bloggers, do you know of a specific website that offers it for around $1 to $2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by masfenix View Post
    A friend of mine is looking to host his static company website. It will consist of multiple html pages and a php contact form.
    You should search for linux hosting.
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    yes linux is the one

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    Try You might want to use google for your email accounts.

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    we prefer windows hosting .

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    Budget is too low for Windows.
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    First says where you hosting Windows or Linux ?
    both are same but service get different. as like support saytem file.
    windows support all type language. and linux only php support.
    so as per your requirement you can find it.

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    You should use Google apps for your emails

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    If you want to have quality Windows services, increase your budget. - is my web site.

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    That's true, you have little money to get good Windows services.

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    The OP didn't say he/she wanted Windows hosting...
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    Although this is the forum section for Windows hosting.

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