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    EU server or US server for Asian traffic?


    I'm new here and pretty newbie in web-hosting, too. I'm wondering which is better for Asian traffic, Eu server or US server? Could you please give me an answer?

    Thank you.

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    USA west coast would be better for Asian traffic.

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    I think my best bet would be to go for a US host. - Online in no time
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    Look for USA west coast
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    West Coast USA would be my guess also.
    May help you visualize it.
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    Good question
    Depends. If you're aiming for south asia who connect through Sea-me-we3, I'd go with someplace closer to Italy than West Coast.

    Seabone is the carrier that deals with most of the traffic from these nations.

    If east asia, West Coast without a doubt.

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    This might be a little off the edge but if your traffic is based out of Asia, then any not just get an Asian server? It would be wiser to get that than trying to get a server which is in the US to cater to Asian traffic.
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    West Coast USA. Either Seattle or LA. Use route servers to check out each providers' connectivity to your end-users before you buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chennaihomie View Post
    USA west coast would be better for Asian traffic.
    A +1 for this. Most European ISPs actually route their Asia-bound traffic through the US, which gives some silly high ping times. There is some fiber going EU -> Asia, but it would seem it's not used by most providers.
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    Why you dont directly rent a Asian server ?

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    Are you from Asia? If so, I'd recommend that you gather a few US and EU test IPs and check your ping/routing to each of them - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    From certain areas of China I'm getting better ping and speed from Leaseweb than low-medium end West Coast servers of roughly the same cost.

    I regret getting a lot of servers on the West Coast because the speed to East Coast is actually worse than going to Asia. At least European servers get decent speed to East Coast.

    Would guess congested HE or XO pipes within USA.

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    I would recommended US.

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    imho, my choose are : US with H.E or Cogent networks
    please cmiiw always

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    The West Coast of the US would be ideal for Asian traffic. Some locations are San Jose, Los Angeles and Fremont.

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    If your target traffic is mostly coming from Asia, probably getting a box on some of the provider in Asia will be a good option.
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    It's not just ping times but latency. You should also remember to check the number of hops between host and client as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CH-Shaun View Post
    The West Coast of the US would be ideal for Asian traffic. Some locations are San Jose, Los Angeles and Fremont.
    I had equipment in Fremont (HE) and traffic to Asia was just fine during this period.

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    It wont too large of a difference. Mostly you will find that EU servers will be cheaper.

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