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    The truth about Chronopay

    I would avoid these guys like the plague. Yes, this is a long read and I know that there are not many options in Russia but these guys are bad.

    Edit: And let me add this link as well. Chronopay is making the slew of Mac Malware possible:
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    Yeah they've been at that malware stuff for years. Apple did make an announcement they're going to issue a patch that warns a user when installing any of their stuff.
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    CEO of ChronoPay arrested

    CEO of Suspect Russian Online Payments Processor Arrested for Hacking Competitor
    June 30, 2011

    Pavel Vrublevsky, CEO of Russian online payments processor ChronoPay was arrested in Moscow last week charged with hiring a hacker to run a denial of service attack against a business rival. At the time of the attack, ChronoPay and were competing to handle processing for online ticket sales for Russian national airline Aeroflot. Vrublevsky, 32, is also the co-owner of Rx-Promotion, a rogue online pharmacy known for processing payments for scammers who attempt to trick victims into purchasing antivirus software they don't need. ChronoPay attorney Dave Schlendorf told the Financial Times that Vrublevsky was arrested after he was implicated in the scam by another man, Igor Artimovich, suspected of carrying out the attack. Vrublevksy is being held without bail pending a hearing scheduled for next month.,_2011/

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