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    .no domain providers

    Hey guys.

    Trying to get something sorted for a friend. He originally registered his domain quite some time ago with a provider who was doing it as part of a double hosting/domain name deal, however due to an increase in what hes wanting to host on his site, we've moved his site to my dedi. However now his hosting term has expired, and his current provider are refusing to renew the domain without the hosting package.

    This isn't a huge problem. I have 3rd party DNS hosting, so we just need to find a new registrar that we can transfer the domain to.

    Cheers, Adam

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    I recommend to use a registrar in Norway like

    A complete list of .no registrars you can find here:

    Make sure you meet the requirements for registering a .no domain,
    mainly having a local presence in Norway and being an organization:

    Tom Tomson
    IP.MN - the fast and easy way to check your IP Number

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    Thanks. The guy I'm getting it for is Norwegian himself and already has a domain, we just need to transfer it, or re-register with a different registrar.

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    So if the domain owner is norwegian than its very easy to transfer a no domain. you just have to ask the current regsitrar for the auth code. and start the transfer with the new registrar.

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