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    E3 1230 vs Core i7 860

    Good morning! Just a quick question, if purchasing a server would you go with a Core i7 860, 8 GB RAM, $139 per month OR Xeon E3 1230, 8 GB ECC RAM, $159 per month?

    Both servers have the same 10 TB of bandwidth, which will be more than enough for me.

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    It all depends what the server will be used for.
    The E3 1230 will be faster than the i7 860 if that's what you wanted to know - Online in no time
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    Is it worth the extra $20/mo faster? I'm planning on hosting game servers, so far the network seems to be stellar, I just want to make sure I make the right choice with CPU to provide the best overall experience.

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    E3 1230 is faster then the i7
    But ask for a E3 1240 as the price difference is minimal.
    E3 supports ECC memory only, another very good reason to not buy the i7 but the E3. The E3 is definately the best choice. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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    Ok, sounds like the Xeon E3 is the best choice. I'm still doing some network testing with but so far everything from the network to the knowledge of their support guys has been very impressive, especially for the price.

    If I end up purchasing the server I will be sure to come back and contribute a review in a week or so.

    Thanks for all your help!
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