Buying Cpanel/WHM Hosting Companies Today

Othello Technology Systems Ltd, a UK based business hosting provider established since 1996, are again looking to expand our shared-hosting clientbase, this time on our Cpanel/WHM hosting service.

If you have a small hosting operation and are looking to exit the business, then you should be talking to us ...

We are very happy to work under an NDA if requested, and will always keep all details disclosed confidential irrespective.

Ideally we are looking for some of the following "preference" criteria, however all business will be considered. ...
( ) those running their hosting business from a dedicated server/VPS or collocated equipment
- because it can make the handover that much simpler.
( ) organisations with a turnover between $10,000/year and $100,000/year
- although smaller and larger hosts will be considered
( ) hosts who also handled the client domain registration
- especially if through enom or are a Nominet tagholder
( ) UK based business or predominantly UK/EU clientbase
( ) sensible non-oversold pricing structures above $10/month/Gb of space
- as it indicates the clients look for reliability/stability over price
( ) using WHMCS / WHMAP / Moderbill for billing/client management
- simply because we have imports for those into our platforms
( ) operating for at least 24 months
- helps to guage the client churn rates and satisfaction levels
( ) own merchant account or use worldpay/sagepay
( ) exiting the hosting arena completely/selling the entire business

If you can "tick the box" on at least two of those, then we're interested in acquiring you, and providing an ongoing high quality service to your clients.

There are a limited number of business models we wont/cant/choose not to accept, which are:
* shell accounts/irc bots/bouncers/eggdrops
- sorry, they are not our area of expertise so cannot cater for those clients
* proxy sites / anonymisers / torrent trackers / pharmaceuticals
- policy is that these are not allowed on any of our servers
* "unlimited" space and bandwidth plans
- unlimited size plans dont exist, so if you sold the service on the back of that marketing promise, we cannot live up to the client expectations
* where the clientbase are not predominantly english speakers
- whilst the support staff between them can order a beer in 17 foreign languages its difficult enough to get them to stick to

English from their native "tech" most of the time.

If you have a client forum - so much the better, we'll merge it into ours.

If you have a ticket system - great we'll import any outstanding tickets into our 24/7/365 monitored setup

If you are a designer and want to continue to profit from hosting, without doing the provision and support, we can take on your existing hosting setup, and set you up as an affiliate earning comissions on every hosting account you sell-on.

Please visit our take-over minisite at and complete the selling up contact form, PM me here on the forum, send an email to acquisitions [@], or go old-skool and write/telephone/fax - contact details are on our website.