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    Weird network speed performance

    i have got two new metered dedicated servers from one host.

    One time i transfer from Srv1 > Srv2 i am getting almost full gige speeds.
    Just two hours later i can only get like 1mb/s or something. It is very slow then. And very inconstant.
    This is only concerning outgoing bandwith. Incoming bandwidth, internal and external, is still the same.

    I have contacted my host and they told me nothing was wrong with the network, no overloads at all.

    This is somehow confusing me.
    To me it looks more like a host problem, not server. Why should i be able to max out port speeds one time and get such slow upload-speeds later on...

    Can i have set up anything wrong?

    Im fairly new to servers so please bare with me!


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    For server to server issues,
    The only things i can think of is:

    - server load.
    - switch load ( Someone else may be flooding its uplinks to the rest of the fabric )

    That is all.
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    Who is the provider? maybe you are using too much bandwidth and they limit your connection..

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    Could also be a NIC driver issue, have you already checked that? - Online in no time
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