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    Smile I've registered the domain name now what.

    I have a shared web hosting account with a .com domain which host's a site. I also register for an another local domain name other than a .com from my local Domain Registry.

    It's been paid for and a confirmation email was sent. Now the local Domain Registry is asking via email to given them the technical configurations, I don't know what they mean and how to get it to them. This is the message given.

    "The domain name is queued for reservation in the Domain Registry. In order to activate the domain please provide the technical configurations related to the domains."

    What do I do. What details do I need to provide the cPanel username and password or just the servers ip address. I'm stuck? I've asked them what they mean by technical configurations and they reply back saying they need the name servers to point the site. How do I get these details. I'm a newbie.


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    You need to give them the nameservers of the hosting plan you have. Contact your hosts to send it to you.

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    That is very vague but I agree with HundredProof it sounds like they need the nameservers for your hosting account. What is the name of your domain for your website? go to and put in your working website You will then see what the nameservers are for it.
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    It sounds like you are not actual owner of the domain name in this situation. All basic operations you can do yourself.
    Are you sure that domain name belongs to you?

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    Smile Hi

    Just to be sure when I got the account from the web hosting provider they sent me an email. Is this what I have to provide to the domain registry? An example of what the email from my hosting provider contained is shown below.

    Server Information
    Server Name: server
    Server IP:
    Nameserver 1: ()
    Nameserver 2: ()

    Do I need only give the two nameserver details only or do I need to give the server IP address as well along with the nameservers?

    Please help, thanks.

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    You have to give them the nameserver details.

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