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    UK Dedi Host Needed

    Hi All,

    This morning I was looking through some sites and found that they had been hacked by the C99Madshell tool thingy.

    My current server is with Worldstream with WHM/Cpanel. I have 3 cpanel accounts setup in total, and it seems that 5 sites have been compromised are on one account. The sites on the other 2 accounts are clean (based on the fact the site: command in Google doesn't return a list of spam pages).

    While I'm trying to established just how deep the hack is and what access the hacker has (i dont know linux very well which doesn't help, actually I have no idea) I am concerned that other sites might be subject to an attack on the server.

    I have 3 sites that I really care about, the others im not so bothered.

    What my plan is-

    1) find new uk based host
    2) move important uncompromised sites to new host
    3) get current server rebuilt/learn linux (not sure if a cpanel restore will just reinstall the hack or not, i take monthly backups from the /backup folder)

    What I dont want to do is rush into finding a new host without proper research, unfortunately I dont have a choice and need to get the ball rolling now.

    So who would you recommend as a good UK host? I'll be looking for a dedi. Currently looking at rapidswitch

    Thanks for your support and advice

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    Drop Jon at a email, very highly recommended around these parts.

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    I would highly recommend you to a hire an experienced system and find the root cause of this hacking. Else you might end up hacked new server also.

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    If you want UK then you can try either 1&1 or Dediplanet.

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    Wait what.. your server got hacked and you want to move servers?

    You just need a reinstall and restore from known clean backups and then harden the server to ensure it doesn't happen again. A few things you need to do boil down to:

    -Run PHP in safemode
    -if possible don't allow PHP to run in folders which are used by your site to upload images (the shell is usually installed by uploading a file like image.png.php and then calling the resulting php file)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob-Rackedeu View Post
    Drop Jon at a email, very highly recommended around these parts.
    Thanks for the recommendation Rob
    RackSRV Communications Limited
    UK specialists in Dedicated Servers & Server Colocation
    Company: 06856870 VAT: GB 934 7073 15 Tel: 0330 229 1000

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon-RackSRV View Post
    Thanks for the recommendation Rob
    One that led to a sale!

    Thanks for pointing me in Jon's direction, every hosting company needs a Jon!

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    Indeed, I have worked with Jon a couple of times over the past 5 years and have always been happy.

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