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    Symptoms: All my client's email's goes to SPAM in Gmail service, what to do ?

    First: I double check blacklists, my server IP is not on.

    Checked with:


    Sender policy SPF is configured properly

    Double checked email headers in Gmail, and they seems to be ok.

    Olso my SMTP server is on same IP that my mail panel.

    I do send emails from my mail panel.

    What can I do, where to look for help in this case ?

    Maillog shows 250 OK status wheen delivering messages.

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    Has your domain got ReverseDNS set to your domain?

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    My Server ip resolves to my server name.
    I got plesk on board so mainly such basic stuff is configured on sight.

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    GMail has its own Algo to treat SPAM.
    And trust me it is very bad as quite a lot of times VERY Legitimate mails go to spam.
    You can mark as not spam so that it doesnt go in SPAM again.

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    I do know that, but again, that is really strange behavior /all your "clients" mail go to spam/, that is something quite different in my opinion.

    And I do remember year back, there was everything fine.

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    If you go buy a cheap .com domain and point it to your servers IP and set the reverse dns for your servers IP's to that domain, It should be fine.

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