First time posting on this forum so I hope im posting in the right section.

We've been with Leaseweb for around a month now, We have 1 Dedicated Server, 1 VPS and 1 Domain with them which ill review in sections.

The Dedicated Server,
We were looking to expand our current area in which we could offer to host our clients Minecraft servers, We already had locations in US and DE but our hardware there was lacking behind a bit. With Leaseweb they seemed to offer good, quality hardware for cheap prices which is why we went with them. We haven't had to contact support once only to ask them when our server was going to be deployed and to ask about an upgrade we had requested. The only disappointing thing was that they dont offer Video Remote hands when they are performing an upgrade. Other than that they have been 10/10 and we Will defiantly go with them again.

The VPS,
I was looking to create a co.cc replica and at first I got a VPS with 123Systems but it was incredibly slow and barly useable, So I got a VPS with 512MB Of RAM from Leaseweb and it worked much faster than the VPS I got from 123Systems. The Version of CentOS I got on the VPS I got with 123Systems has over 200 Updates to be installed while the Version of CentOS that came with my Leaseweb VPS had none. The only bad thing was that VPS became unreachable for 4 Days (I emailed them on the 3rd day it was down) and they got it fixed promptly and the only other bad thing I can thnk of is they dont offer Windows on their 512MB RAM VPS's. 9/10 Service, Would defiantly go with them again.

The Domain,
Was meant to be the domain to go with my Co.cc Replica (and it still is), Nothing really to say about it. They have a good domain control panel allowing you to modify the ReverseDNS Records, They offer almost every TLD which is quite amazing, 10\10.

I hope my review was to the satisfaction of the forum.