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    Hacker files uploaded, can't figure out how they got there...

    any ideas how to trace them?

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    Check ftp logs, apache logs and cpanel logs to find how it has been uploaded.
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    And update any scripts you have on the website. You might have something outdated.

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    do you permit file upload functionality on your website ? then the directory where those files are stored is a good place to look verry carefully also what's happend ? whas your site defaced ? or another "hack"

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    Find the filenames etc and google them..

    The chances are you will find others with the same files and an explanation on how they got there.
    ( ie: a flaw in some software or a basic ftp hack.. )
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    thanks for the help!

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    Can you provide more information as to what type of files. Also can you advise what type of software you run (WordPress/Joomla, etc). Many off the shelf applications can be security nightmares if not secured properly.
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    I had been have problem with this also.

    you said check ftp log, apache log and cpanel log.

    for example had beend hacked and upload exploited file.

    do you have specific command for the specific domain. to view ftp, apache, and cpanel log?

    your guide line is very useful for us.

    Best Regards,

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    Hey ,

    You can find that by grepping the username against these files on the server to see last activity from the hacker user on the server

    grep <user> /var/log/messages
    grep <user> /usr/local/cpanel/logs/login_log

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