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    * 100TB for $69! Sandy Bridge Core i7-2600 $99! Free Gig-E Port! Free RAM Upgrades!


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    Are you looking for the best deal on WHT for a Sandy Bridge Core i5 or Core i7 dedicated server? I've got great news for you - your search is over! Our Sandy Bridge configurations have been so popular, we have been selling out nearly every day! We have additional shipments of servers arriving daily, so place your order now to grab your spot in line for one of these great servers! Plus, we've got some great promo offers available now to make these servers an even better value!

    Free upgrade from 100Mbps to Gig-E Port on all Core i7-2600 Servers!

    Free Double RAM Upgrade (16GB) on Quarterly and Annual Core i7-2600 Orders!

    Click here to review and order any of our Dedicated Server Plans!

    Intel Core i7-2600 Dedicated Server
    4 x 3.4Ghz CPU Cores + HT
    8GB DDR3 RAM Memory
    1TB SATA2 Hard Drive
    20TB Bandwidth / 1000Mbps Port - Free Upgrade! Reg. $15
    $149/m Paid Monthly
    $133/m Paid Quarterly ($399/qtr) + FREE Double RAM! 16GB!
    $99/m Paid Annually ($1199/yr) + FREE Double RAM! 16GB!

    Our very popular Xeon X3450 and Dual Xeon E5410 servers are also back in stock, while supplies last! These enterprise grade servers are a great value, so grab one while we've got them!

    Intel Xeon X3450 Dedicated Server
    Supports up to 4 HDD's, 24G RAM, optional HW SAS/SATA RAID
    4 x 2.66Ghz CPU Cores + HT
    8GB DDR3 ECC RAM Memory
    500GB SATA2 Hard Drive
    20TB Bandwidth / Gig-E Port
    $179/m Paid Monthly
    $149/m Paid Annually ($1799/yr)

    Dual Intel Xeon E5410 Dedicated Server
    Supports up to 4 HDD's, 24G RAM, optional HW SAS/SATA RAID
    8 x 2.33Ghz CPU Cores
    8GB DDR2 ECC RAM Memory
    500GB SATA2 Hard Drive
    20TB Bandwidth / Gig-E Port
    $229/m Paid Monthly
    $191/m Paid Annually ($2290/yr)

    Our 100TB Bandwidth upgrade special is also still going strong! Upgrade any of our Value or Enterprise series dedicated servers to 100TB bandwidth on a Gig-E port for an additional $69/m! Please note that only new server orders are eligible for this special promotion.

    Bandwidth Upgrades:

    Upgrade from 100Mbps to Gig-E Port - $15/m
    100Mbps Unmetered - add $25/m
    100TB / Gig-E Port - add $69/m (reg $99/m, new server orders only)

    Ready to order now? Click here to order any of our dedicated servers!

    All of our dedicated server plans include:
    5 IP Addresses / Private VLAN
    Free Remote Reboot Port
    NOC Portal with Bandwidth Graphs
    Free Ping Monitoring

    Common Add-on's:

    cPanel/WHM - $25/m
    Interworx - $15/m
    DirectAdmin - $15/m
    Interworx 35 Domains - Free

    CentOS 5 - Free
    Debian 6 Squeeze - Free
    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - Free
    Citrix XenServer 5.6 - Free
    Windows Server 2008 Web - $15/m
    Windows Server 2008 Std - $25/m


    Can I have an IP to ping?
    Yes -

    Do you have a test file?
    Yes - 100MB

    How quickly will I get my server?
    Our stated setup time for most configurations is 24-48 hours, however most servers are set up the same day as your payment is confirmed by our billing dept.

    What payment methods do you accept?
    Visa, MC, Discover, American Express, and Paypal. We will also accept cashier's checks, money orders, or wire transfers for quarterly and annual payments.

    Where is your datacenter located?
    Our dedicated servers are hosted at VegasNAP, a SAS 70 Type-II datacenter located in fabulous Las Vegas, NV.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me or contact our sales dept via email at sales [at] versaweb [dot] com.

    Thanks, and have a great day!
    Rob Tyree
    Versaweb - DDoS Protected Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting
    Fiberhub - SAS70 Type-II Colocation in Las Vegas and Seattle

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    I interest Intel Core i7-2600 Dedicated Server but i need to test with $99 with first month.

    Can you create the promotion for new customer with $99?

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    Hello i want refund my $408 i have buy 1gbps server from this offer but did not get speed
    i only get max 200kb/sec to 900kb/sec on 1gbps
    i test server from many US located server but not getting speed
    I had open support ticket but networking team just close my ticket
    i need true provider if your provide true server as you adverting on this forum i will post true review about your company
    i have again open support ticket for this problem
    my ticket id is Ticket #12274
    i want to solve this problem permanent or just refund my money
    i got server detail on date 1/August/2011

    Waiting your reply

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    From your TOS:

    "Modification: The Company reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time without prior notification. Any questions regarding these terms and policies should be directed to our abuse department prior to purchasing services."

    This is illegal to do, Versaweb. You must always notify the customer about such a change.

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