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    Firewalls - Your thoughts

    I'm looking to colo a 4 node server and one of the guys suggested to get a firewall. Well looking at the subscription fee's I kind of laughed as they are almost the same price as the hardware. My question is should I get just the hardware without any subscriptions or what?

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    subscription is usually for things like IDS/IDP and Antifirus/phishing/filtering services and mail filtering.

    The firewall itself works as is and does what it does. And yes its not uncommon for yearly subscription fee's to be rather substantial especially when dealing with IDS/IDP

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    If you are only going with to use 4 servers, and have no plans to grow, get a Cisco ASA 5505 or a Juniper SSG 5. Those should provide good service as long as they aren't doing a TON of traffic. Throughput is a little under 100 Mbps. I use them for small deployments like you mentioned above.

    I don't have any subscriptions to deep inpection, or AV modules. On the Cisco gear it's a card that goes in the device (and a subsription too IIRC). On the Juniper it's just a subscription.

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