LoveVPS™ *have now introduced a reseller program/partnership. This allows you to resell our VPS services to your customers completely white label. We allow all of our customers to instantly create a VPS at the touch of a button. You can set your own plans and your own prices.

The LoveVPS™ Reseller program is ideal for people who wish to sell VPS’s without the overhead of managing, maintaining and funding VPS nodes. We make ordering VPS’s simple at LoveVPS™. All you have to do is order a reseller with us and then create a vps using the resources provided., then provide the customer with there server details. We setup all of our servers instantly so you can provide your customers with servers on demand.

Reseller Plans OpenVZ & Xen

150GB HDD / 2048MB RAM / 2TB B/W - $40/mo
300GB HDD / 4096MB RAM / 3TB B/W - $70/mo
400GB HDD / 6144MB RAM / 3TB B/W - $100/mo
500GB HDD / 8196MB RAM / 5TB B/W - $140/mo


Reseller Benefits and Features

  • Generous Discounts on all servers resolved
  • Instant Setup of Virtual Private Servers
  • Quality Non-Oversold Servers
  • Reseller Control Panel to manage VPS Servers
    • Suspend VPS’s
    • Stop, Start and Restart VPS’s.
    • Monitor System Resources and Bandwidth Usage.
  • White Label Panel for your clients.
  • You can set your own prices on our services.

Sign Up Here:

Reseller Requirements

  • Provide Quality Support to your users.
  • Follow Our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy
  • Resolve promptly within 12 hours (DMCA, SPAM and abuse reports)
  • Have correct contact details and address.

Business Advisors - More Info

LoveVPS have a team of hosting advisors who are here to help your company succeed in the hosting industry. LoveVPS’s advisors can help in all aspects of managing your company’s growth, advertising and support management. We at LoveVPS are not happy unless our customers are happy so your Hosting Advisor is here to help you with any Hosting related aspect including the day to day running of your business.

How to Join

So if you meet our requirements and would like to become a reseller click here to order one of our reseller accounts.

Reseller Accounts require validation.