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    Unhappy How to prevent users from sending spam!


    We are a web development company. We provide share hosting service for our clients. Currently on our server we have around 300-400 hosting accounts for our clients.

    Recently our server got black listed on Yahoo postmaster. Because one of our clients sent their training news letter using Outlook express. Due to this the server IP got banned by Yahoo.

    As all of our clients are using the same shared IP non was able to send any mail to Yahoo.

    I need to know how to prevent users from sending mass mail.
    Which rules should we apply on our mail server so that It prevents clients from spamming and avoid the server from getting black listed on mail services like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail.


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    cPanel has built in functionality for this, assume you're using cPanel? be sure to do the "SMTP tweak" also if you want to limit emails per hour from scripts also.

    You can also write your own scripts to alert yourself about unusual activity.
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    You might need to give more specs on the server to get better replies.

    ie, Win vs Lamp.

    What are you using for mail on there, are you using a control panel (if so, which one)?

    I don't really have an answer, but an curious to replies, as I am also providing hosting to my clients as well. (Lamp, default cPanel setup)


    PS. I got delayed in hitting submit, and Gordon had posted before I submitted, off of his link, I found the second result "Limit max emails per hour (cPanel)" useful, mainly the reply by "Vertigo". I am trying those on my server.
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    Yes we are running the server on cPanel.
    But I need to know which should be the proper limit. Currently we have set the limit to 100mail/email account/hr.


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