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    How much bandwidth do you use?

    As a web application developer, I like to have dedicated environments to test out different configurations. I have a couple of VPSs here and there, and I noticed that I'm never using a significant percentage of my bandwidth. The same holds true for dedicated servers. So here's my question: how much of their allocated bandwidth (assuming it is somewhat comparable to what most companies offer) does the average person use?

    I find that even for my cellular data plan I use very little of my allocated bandwidth. Sure, I got annoyed when AT&T placed tiered data plans, but it doesn't really matter since it doesn't limit my actual usage.

    Here's another question: are we ('we' being the average user group) being offered too much, or are we just not using enough?
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    i think both. I think for some people (like yourself), what we are being offered is too much, and you may be overpaying for something that you really aren't using to it's full potential. However, there are those of us (like me) who end up using a lot of bandwidth. So the fact that Verizon is now putting tiered data plans in place, it may severely limit my abilities considering i do a lot of things on my phone and also tether through my phone. So i could actually do to be offered more.

    (and i assume that every company that is worried about bandwidth, and resells it to their clients all would say that every client uses more than enough because they would rather they not use any at all, just sayin...)

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    I can confirm the same.

    We have customers that will use less than 5% of their dedicated bandwidth, and others that will exceed their limits and need to upgrade.

    I think it all depends on exactly what kind of site/service you're running as to how much bandwidth you use. As to being offered 'too much' - heavy users could also argue they are being offered too little.

    As like most web hosts, if all of our customers were to use 100% of their bandwidth we would probably lose money, lol. As an average, 30-45% of allotted bandwidth is used overall each month.
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    "XaggaHosting-Olly" I am agree with you. There are some customers who are running blogs and they have huge traffic as well. They use exceed bandwidth while some customers have static website that do not use more bandwidth. Therefore it is managed by hosting companies.

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    Well, as said it really resolve around the website. I would rather be put on a package for extreem sercumstances then something is minimal.

    Its like when you cook a roast dinner. Its better to have too much then too little...
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    It depends on the kind of website you have.

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    Here's another question: are we ('we' being the average user group) being offered too much, or are we just not using enough?
    I suppose that depends on the project which end user have. As rule users order more ten they need in order not to get their account suspended due to the bandwidth over usage.

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    My two cents (if offtopic - delete a.s.a.p):
    Given resources per month: 307200 Mb. (at least that's why I see in cpanel)
    Used resources as for 2011:
    January: 2,35 Gb
    February: 2,69 Gb
    March: 3,45 Gb
    April: 3,77 Gb
    May: 3,73 Gb.
    Don't know why that much, but...

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