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    What CRM software you use?


    Im really stack with this decision for my company. Our main service is Web Design but we offer also hosting and support for our clients that they renew yearly. We lease dedicated servers and we create and buy their domains manually so far.

    At the moment we are using vtiger-crm to create quotes/orders/invoices and such. Im satisfied with it but its lacking on many features rounding our business for example hosting/ domain expirations, ticketing system and other. We are starting to lose control of our clients renewals and services. Its also very buggy.

    I came across with WHMCS and it seems realy powerfull software for managing a web hosting business but im still not sure if it will be ok for a web design company also.

    I understand that whmcs or any similar software can be use as a crm also but is it limited?

    My question is:

    Should i go with WHMCS or go for a real CRM solution like Sugar crm? Do i need both in order to run the business correct?

    Budget is not an issue, i need something that will also meet my business demands in the future

    Thank you

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    We use ClientExec as our client billing and support system and use SugarCRM internally to track perspective customers and manage sales leads. We are a web host so not sure how ClientExec would fit your needs, but we found that SugarCRM is a fantastic system with many great features, most of which we do not use.

    Might also look into Ubersmith.

    Good luck
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    Zoho CRM is very good, as is the one built into Ubersmith

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    WHMCS will work well, you can create quotes/invoices for anything (your web design business). Try it out, believe they have a free trial.
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    WHMCS works great and would be able to accommodate your needs (both web hosting and web design services). I use WHMCS for sending invoices both for Web hosting service and Web design service to my clients.
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    Yeap we also use WHMCS for managing all the customer needs, invoice, tickets, quotes, track emails, etc.
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    As a web design company, how are you managing projects? Billing?

    You should look into integrated solutions, as managing a business through 2-4 different systems is both costly and inefficient. Integrated systems will give you one central place to manage all operations, and your workflows will drastically improve.

    WORKetc is a great system for this, as it integrates CRM, project management, calendars, invoicing, expenses, timesheets, and other features into one web based SaaS. Each module integrates at the core, meaning they communicate much easier and items can be paired up for quick and easy reference (i.e. linking a contact, project, to-do, and expense together). WORKetc also has recurring billing, and customer portals - allowing customers to login and check on the status of their projects/collaborate if they would like.

    This is the WORKetc website:

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