When you buy or create a website for a personal interest or for a personal interest or for your business, there is always a financial investment involved. There are hosting costs, the cost of registering your domain name, and the cost of having someone design and create the page too. If you wish to avoid that cost by doing it yourself then you have to invest your time instead.

As with any investment that you make, you will want to see the best returns possible. For a website, you'll only see good returns (or sales) if you can get sufficient numbers of visitors to the site. Visitors may come to you by being referred by a friend, or because they have visited you before.

However, most commonly, visitors will find their way to a new website because the site is a suggestion in response to something that they searched for. The search engines will return your site

as a suggestion if there are keywords on one of your pages that match the terms that the user searches for. You can increase the chances of your site being matched, and so being returned high in the search results by ensuring that you have lots of relevant content on your site. Having high quality content makes sure that they will come back.

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