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    Automatic Backup to Amazon S3

    I have a KnownHost VPS with WHM/Cpanel so what would be the best option to backup my FTP and Server or maybe just a whole website account through WHM to amazon S3?

    I'm currently using a solution that does this but its too complicated.. i gotta decrypt the encrypted files through command line and to have access to the website files and I'm fine with doing this if it were something that I did often but I use command line like every 4-5 months and I just have to relearn everything and what the commands do.. I dont have a problem if I have to set this up in the beginning with command line, but i dont want to have to relearn everything every time I use it.. would rather have a solution with a user interface if possible.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi nyc,
    not sure about a GUI frontend, but there are a couple command line tools that can interact with S3 the way you require:

    - s3fs,
    - s3backer,

    The backup process itself could be automated via a shell script which is then scheduled to run regularly, so you'll need to issue a very limited set of commands.
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    are there any tutorials for setting this up? im mainly a web designer so anythin goin too deep into the server side of things is a little confusing

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    Why dont you do it with FTP ?
    You can also use SiteAutoBackup.
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