We are looking for a sales/marketing representative.

The position is based on 25% recurring commission on all sales, and will be moved on commission + monthly salary after 60 days from your date of employment (based on performance).
At the moment we don’t require you to be on a shift as long as you can provide us with good results.

Position requirements:
• Mandatory English (Fluent)
• Good knowledge of the general IT concepts
• Email and Phone availability is a must

Ideal candidates for this position are based in US/UK/ , but we’ll consider applications from any location as long as you have a proven ability in sales.

Something about us:

We’re an IT consulting company with main offices in Los Angeles and London.
We offer a wide variety of IT solutions that range from IT Consulting to Network Building, IT staffing, Project Management, Network Design, Security, Data Warehousing, as well as Web & Application development and Web Hosting.

To apply, please send your resume/references to: [email protected]