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    Hosting our own sites as root

    A dedicate server is dedicated entirely for our own 4 websites (i.e. no clients, no reseller ...) therefore I was thinking to host them all as root, however my partner suggested to create a client id for each website as like each of the websites has it's own owner which means more control for each individual sites.

    Which method is better or is there any difference?

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    Nothing should be ran as root unless absolutely required.

    You should follow the suggestion and ensure that the data is all owned by a user, not root.
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    I suggest using a control panel like Cpanel if you have a budget available for it or Directadmin if budget is limited.

    It might be wise indeed to create a seperate user for each domain, it all depends if your customers also need access to the accounts or not. - Online in no time
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    Hi manhal,
    you should not need to have your website data owned by root and more importantly any scripts executed as root.

    Normal practice would be to have your separate websites' folders owned by separate users and provide your http daemon (apache/nginx etc..) with read access. Or read-write, should your site require it.

    However since you are the only party using the server you could set just one user (www-data/apache, depending on your distro) as the owner of your websites' data.

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    Thank you all, we don't have cpanel but we have plesk, so I'll follow through with your suggestions to create a client id (basically the name of the site) for each website.

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