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    Transferring Domain With Custom Nameservers


    We want to transfer our domain from NameCheap over to our eNom account. I wondered how our custom nameservers get transferred across and setup at eNom before we initiate the transfer to prevent downtime on our site and also our clients sites because we are a hosting company.

    If our custom nameservers are not configured first at eNom, my thoughts are that the nameservers won't be pointing to any server and our sites and our clients sites will be down.

    Obviously the last thing we want is for all our clients sites to be down during the transfer.

    We have two sets of nameservers. and are for a server where our main site is hosted. and are for a server where our clients sites are hosted.

    Your help would be much appreciated.


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    Bad news: this is impossible to setup DNS at gaining registrar's side before transfer is completed.

    Good news: since your domain uses custom DNS, all the records will be transferred over and there will be no downtime.

    Only domains using previous registrar's default nameservers will be down during transfer.
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