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    Post Free Directory submission with reciprocal or no-reciprocal?

    Many SEO articles says directory submission is a great way for link building.

    As free directory submissions comes with 2 ways
    i) With reciprocal
    ii) without reciprocal.

    Which one is should I follow because as experts say search engines doesn't like too many urls in a page.
    And distributing the reciprocal links in many pages (70-80 links per page) could create a link firm itself.

    Any suggestions?
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    Try to find directories that allow regular links without reciprocal. Reciprocal links would increase your outbound links and it isn't very good as it would imbalance your on-site optimization.
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    Yes, Directory Submission is really a great way for link building.
    I want you to submit in 'no reciprocal' directories. You can also do the first way(reciprocal), but there must be a limit to keep up the quality of your website from too much of outbound links.
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    Although reciprocal types of links may not sound that bad in general and even some high ranking websites might make use a of link exchanging with a few reliable partner portals, but since nobody may exactly know in which direction some web directories are moving, because some of them may end of being named as link farms after some time, so if you are considering to list your URL on a few free directories, use one way direct links.

    It is recommended not to exchange links with directories that sometimes are filled with hundreds of web addresses, coming in dozens of niches and commercial modes because it is essential to know who you are linking to as bad neighborhoods would result in possible ranking or indexing losses and drops after a while. Searching the net, you will find some free directories which do not expect their customers placing their links on their sites.
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    Well normally people WITHOUT reciprocal. But with reciprocal is bound to get YOUR site a LOT of traffic. So thats the one I'd go with if I were you.
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    Choose with High Vistor Directories

    Finding a page where 100's of visitors comes daily i knew 500 of them there no reciprocal is required . reciprocal is like link exchange no use.
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    This directory submission especially "free" is a big waste. very hard to BL from directory bcz getting approval from free directories is rarely and once approved the links goes to the deep page and from the deep page getting link is so hard and if get also no weight.....
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    You can submit your site to pr6 or above directories.
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    I agree with everyone here, submitting to free directories with reciprocal links isn't the best idea. I'd look for good relevant directories to submit to over the free ones any day.
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    I personally myself do not worry about any that you have to have a recip link with. I understand that they need links to, but at the same time you are correct in thinking that you do not want to have a large amount of outbound links on your page. You also have to look at the offer. If you have a pr2 site and you give them a link, then you are giving them a much better link than they are giving them.
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    No reciprocal is best for link juice. there are plenty; you just need to look. It's not only a matter of OBL but having reciprocal links can affect the value of the link going to your site from their site. The reason is a common link building method that borders blackhat is link exchange which was commonly used until google changed their people use 3 way link exchanges (randomized) lol

    I still generally prefer not to hvae other people links on my page unnecessary so I stick to the more whitehat appraoch with social bookmarks and directory submission. And the good old QUALITY Site that Provides USER Value.
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