Remote Data Storage Designed for the Offices of Professionals and Organizations.

Secure your files with a 3-tiered encryption system from File Backup.

Safe, Simple and Dependable Remote Data Storage- File Backup.
The Most Affordable Way to Backup your Business -- $1/GB/Month.

File Backup has launched the simplest, most secure and most affordable backup system for professional businesses and organizations.

Safe- File Backup utilizes a three-tiered security system, the securest backup available.

Tier 1 - 256 bit AES encryption on user's computer.
Tier 2 - 128 bit SSL encryption during transfer.
Tier 3 - 1024 bit AES encryption on files stored on cloud configured servers.

Unlike other online backup companies, where data is neither encrypted on your client, nor stored as encrypted data, File Backup can prevent even employees of the company from accessing stored data with File Backup UltraSafe. This feature only allows the user who put it there to ever access the data.

Simple- Once initialized, File Backup works in the background.

With File Backup, all of the PCs in your business are simply managed; no juggling multiple accounts! And because we don't charge you a separate amount for each PC, File Backup is the most affordable way to back up your business.

Dependable- File Backup will always be there whenever your need it, wherever you are.

All data you have backed up can be accessed from any browser! Because your data is being backed up to the File Backup cloud, you can access your data anywhere in the world by simply getting online. Never be without a critical file again.

Affordable- File Backup charges users only for amount of space they use.

Unlimited number of devices.
No set up fee.

Exclusive offer: Sign up for a year and receive two months of free backup!

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