WHMCSBB - The WHMCS Forums Addon



  • Fully integrated WHMCS Bulletin Board/Forum with matching skin
  • One Click Install
  • Version tracking for easier upgrade management
  • Administration of Groups, Forums & Users from within Admin area of WHMCS
  • Enable/disable guests being able to view selected forums
  • Allow post/thread migration to other forum in event of deleting populated forum/group.
  • Administration of Topics from within topic (Lock, Edit, Delete, Move)
  • Default board settings from within admin panel
  • Admin new post notifications
  • Word Filter


  • Completely uses template system, so is fully customizable
  • Clean design
  • Grouping of forums provided
  • Statistics on main page

Search Functions

  • Search via various methods
  • Sorting options


  • Messaging system between users
  • Member Profiles
  • User classes (including Titles and Colours)
  • Time between posts restrictions
  • Users are able to pick a "forum name"
  • Posters can edit own posts (admin can edit all)
  • BB Code (Bold, Italic, Image, Url & Quoting)
  • Users able to upload avatars (included script, max dimension restrictions configurable)
  • Users can edit their forum settings from within user panel
  • Thread Following (e-mail notifications)
  • User Signatures
  • Polls



- $6 per month

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