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    iPhone Compatible Audio Streaming

    Some friends and I do a live weekly Internet "radio" show using Ustream. We need to be able to stream audio only to iPhones. Ustream will not work because they are Flash based. There is no music in the show, so royalties are not an issue. We would probably not need to stream more than 40 listeners for the very near future.

    The best solution would be a provider that does for audio what Ustream does for video but without Flash. Service like anticipate payment of royalties. Can you suggest a resource? One of the participants is an ISP, so he has (Linux) server space and bandwidth. What application would fit the application and allow him to stream the audio?

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    Try using Shoutcast. Streaming is compatible with Safari on the iPhone.

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    I haven't tried ustream, but if you look for a shoutcast provider, you may go with a java based player called "MeRadio"

    It works perfectly fine for me. It not only works in iphone but also in any java supported mobile OS.
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    It turns out that has audio-only streaming that works on an iPhone. It's free.

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