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    Photography Portfolio Flash CMS + HTML version required

    Hi all,

    It had been ages since I last visited this forum.

    I am now more into photography business.

    As myself is a non designer, I hope someone can built me a simple flash CMS + html version website for me.

    This flash CMS must enable to me to perform the below necessary updates and any updates I made, the HTML version must reflects as well:
    - Introduction page
    - Post my flickr photos to the various different photography category (the flexibility to allow me to add/remove these category as well) because I do not want to host the photos on my hosting account. Posting of flickr can be in the form of flickr sets or tags, both are fine with me.
    - Pricing page
    - Allow me to change the background music source

    Basically the site (both version) will have the following pages:
    - A home page that displays selected flickr photos.
    - Introduction page
    - Photography categories
    - Pricing page
    - Contact Us page

    I already have my own logo, so logo design is not required.

    For some references to my existing site, please visit (pardon me for this noob HTML design I done myself)

    The look and feel that I am looking at is plain and simple (white background preferably) but presentable and elegant enough to my viewers and prospective clients.

    My budget is not very high, so please quote me how much you are going to charge me.

    Please email me your quotes at keeptouch [at] gmail dot com as I rarely check this forum these days.

    Dennis Lee

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    Ohh i forgot to add! This CMS must have basic SEO capabilities.

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    Email sent with reference and portfolio link.
    Best regards
    Music for Film, TV & Web | Post-Production AV | Graphic & Motion 2D-3D | Web Design

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